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Top 5 Albums of 2012

posted Jan 1, 2013, 5:32 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Jan 1, 2013, 5:49 PM ]

Murdered Love by POD 
It’s only been four years since POD’s previous album, When Angels & Serpents Dance, was released; but really, fans have been waiting 11 years for an album with as much power as Satellite (2001), POD’s explosive record that helped catapult them to national stardom. Murdered Love is this album. It’s quintessentially old-school POD, and it’s also their most spiritually explicit album—just look at the lyrics to the title track, “Eyez,” and “On Fire.” But there are some misses; “West Coast Rock Steady” and “Bad Boy” don’t seem like they fit into this album. And of course, there’s the controversial track “I Am” that uses the f-word, though it’s bleeped out. (Personally, I don’t mind the song, but I can understand people’s disappointment in POD’s choice of words). 

New Horizons by Flyleaf
Flyleaf’s third studio album, and last one for front-woman Lacey Sturm, New Horizons can’t seem to decide what genre it wants to be in. There are epically heavy songs like “Green Heart,” “Freedom,” and “Call You Out.” Then there are catchy pop/rock tracks like “New Horizons,” “Cage on the Ground,” and “Stand.” These songs work separately—they’re musically intricate and Lacey’s vocals are spot on, whether she’s melodically singing or aggressively screaming—but thrown together on the same album creates a bit of discord and lacks continuity. It is two different styles without any transitions in between to tie them together. Flyleaf’s at their best when they push into the realm of heavy rock and let Lacey scream her heart out; we’ll see what new vocalist Kristen May can do.

The End is Where We Begin by Thousand Foot Krutch
Okay, I’ll be honest; I think it was nostalgia that made me buy Thousand Foot Krutch’s eight studio album, The End is Where We Begin. I saw them earlier this year when they toured with RED, and when they played old-school tracks “Move” and “Rawkfist” I remembered my high-school years (“Rawkfist” was pretty much the anthem for any teenaged fan of Christian rock back then). There are some fun songs, like “Light Up the Sky,” “Let the Sparks Fly,” “Courtesy Call,” and the title track. But for the most part TFK’s style of rock is a bit generic. They have a handful of songs that are incredibly fun to mosh to at a concert, but for the most part, their music (at least for me) falls just short of being great. 

Gravity by Lecrae

I think it’s safe to say that Gravity is the best Christian rap/hip-hop album to date; it sold 72,000 copies in its first week, surprising the mainstream world! Raw, emotional, and complex, Gravity delivers an album that requires multiple listens just to soak it all in. “Fakin’” “Power Trip,” “I Know,” “Tell the world,” and “Lord Have Mercy” are the best tracks on the album. 

Milestone by Gideon
Metalcore, with its characteristic breakdowns and screaming lyrics that are nearly impossible to understand, isn’t for everyone. But Milestone, Gideon’s sophomore album, slowly grew on me as I listened. Experimental guitar-work, and a mixture of time signatures, sets Milestone apart from the mire of mediocre metalcore albums. Also, the title track is simply instrumental—and it’s acoustic—something completely unexpected; it servers almost as an intermission. Like, okay, you’ve been hardcore moshing for seven songs, relax for three minutes, take a breather, get a drink of water. Ready? Okay, here’s three more heavy songs; mosh to your heart’s content. Take a listen to “Gutter” “Maternity” “Faceless,” and “Prodigal Son.” 

Other notable albums of 2012:
On the Run by Children 18:3 
Miracle by Third Day 
Vital by Anberlin 
O God Save Us All by Disciple 
True Defiance by Demon Hunter 
Young Man Follow by Future of Forestry
The Good Life by Trip Lee
World We View by Nine Lashes

Albums I'm looking forward to in 2013:
Release the Panic by RED
Untitled by Skillet
Untitled by Icon for Hire
Untitled by The Letter Black 

Words by: Sarah Brehm

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