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The War of Change Tour Fired It Up

posted Mar 18, 2013, 7:22 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 7:27 PM ]

By a quarter past five p.m. on March 16, the line already snaked from the doors of City Church out to McCutchen Road. There was still half an hour before doors opened and a steady stream of fans continued to file into the line. With 700 pre-sales, The War of Change Tour featuring Thousand Foot Krutch, Love and Death, The Letter Black, and The Wedding, was sure to be an epic night. 

Two local bands, Face Like Failure and CoveredScars, had the privilege of opening for this tour. Form last fall, Face like Failure already performs like a band that has been around for a while. Their blend of heavy rock and metal reminded me of Alter Bridge. And bassist, D.J. Stuman sported a bright purple and blue beard. Their set included “Overcoming,” “Pain Wreck,” “Apples and Snakes,” “Deliver,” and “Not Your Savior,” which can be heard on their Facebook and Reverbnation. CoveredScars played several rock songs from their debut album What Words Will Do including “Black Train,” “Dying Alone,” and “Skin Crawl.” CoveredScars is currently recording a new album, Flinch, and played their first single “The Lamb” as well as “Deacon.” Drummer Jackie Cox says, “We were honored to be a part of this show!” 

First of the touring bands was The Wedding from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their set started with a dark stage and “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Jonny Cash blasting through the speakers; The Wedding seamlessly transitioned to their popular single “Heartbreak in Melody” from their first Tooth & Nail album, No Direction (2012). Vocalist Matt Shelton launched himself into the crowd. Their set of punk rock included “The Lesser Worth,” “No Direction,” “The Raconteur,” and “In the End.” 

The Letter Black, also on Tooth & Nail’s roster, was up next. Fronted by Sarah Anthony, The Letter Black always puts on an incredible show. They performed several songs from their debut album, Hanging on By a Thread (2010) including "All I Want," "My Disease," "Fire with Fire" and the title track, but it was their new singles “The Only One” and “Sick Charade” that boosted their 2013 release to my list of most anticipated albums. The Letter Black is a  quality rock band that only seems to get better and better. 

Love and Death, Brian “Head” Welch’s band performed next with their blend of heavy, melodic metal that is quite unique in the realm of Christian music. Welch is the former guitarist of the nu-metal, secular band Korn. Love and Death’s debut album Between Here & Lost definitely has similar sound to Korn. Their set included “Paralyzed,” “Meltdown,” “I W8 4 U,” “The Abandoning,” a cover of “Whip It,” and a medley of Korn songs. Welch will be performing full sets with Korn later this year, which has garnered some negative feedback. “I don’t need your judgment,” he says. “I just need your prayers.” His friendship with Korn has been reconciled, and you never know how God will work through that. Their set ended with “Chemicals.” 

The Headliner Thousand Foot Krutch has been a powerhouse in the Christian rock scene for quite a while. Ten years ago, “Rawkfist” from the album Phenomenon, was the anthem for fans of Christian rock, and TFK continues to produce quality rock songs that make you want to mosh like crazy. (When I realized that “Rawkfist” was ten years old, I suddenly felt old!) The majority of TFK’s dynamic performance came from their current album, The End is Where We Begin, including “Let the Sparks Fly,” “I Get Wicked,” “Be Somebody,” “Courtesy Call,” and the title track, among others. They played a smattering of old songs like “Bounce” and obviously “Rawkfist” from 2003’s Phenomenon, as well as “Move” from 2005’s The Art of Breaking. Their encore featured the really old-school song, “Puppet” from 2001’s Set It Off. The crowd of over 800 eagerly sang along with frontman Trevor McNevan to every song and remained energized to the final note. 

The War of Change Tour was an incredible night of rock and roll. A huge thanks to The Warehouse and to City Church for putting this all together.

Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos by: Jeanette Yoder Photography (check out the rest of her photos!)
Videos by: Sarah Brehm

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