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The Opening of The Warehouse at Camp Joy

posted Feb 5, 2013, 1:21 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 1:23 PM ]

Ten years ago I walked into a little club in East Ridge and thought “I’m home.” Walking into the new Warehouse venue space on January 19 gave that same feeling. It’s great! Concessions, band merchandise area, and awesome stage, and an indoor skate park will make this space the premier venue in Chattanooga for Christian rock and metal. As I walked around I couldn’t help but think about all the bands that are going to come through here—and all the fans (teens to the young-at-heart) who are going to be entertained and (most importantly) encouraged. 

Local bands Sinai Vessel, Delmar, and Rigoletto opened the night. Delmar played a cover of OutKast’s “Hey Ya” and a circle pit started. Rigoletto’s music has a layer of complexity and musicianship that a joy to listen to. 

As a group of skaters (ranging from early teens to twenty-something) continued to enjoy the ramps, Solid State’s Becoming the Archetype performed. The night ended with a reunion of local band Within, fronted by Casey Whitaker, owner of The Warehouse. The crowd busted out into a chant of “Thank you, Casey!” 

I’m looking forward to many shows in this new space.

Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos and Video by: Sarah Brehm

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