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The Kings and Queens Tour

posted Nov 2, 2011, 8:47 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Nov 3, 2011, 5:09 PM ]

I arrived late to the show at The Warehouse on November 1, but was able to catch the final few songs from opening band Reason, out of Cleveland. What I heard—heavy rock n’ roll with a mixture of screaming and clean vocals—I enjoyed.


Reverse Signature, out of Lookout Mountain, played next.  At times punk, at times metal, and even at one time rock ballad, Reverse Signature has a sound of their own. Lead vocalist Tito Richmond jumped wildly around on stage, and on occasion sunk to his knees to scream his heart out. Guitarist Mike Sarrell introduced the song “Lost.” He explained that he had a friend who committed suicide about two years ago. He encouraged everyone to tell his/her family and friends that you love and care about them often because you never know if you’ll get another chance.


Blood and Water, out of California, took the stage with a punk rock sound that hasn’t been heard in a while. It was classic, old school alternative rock, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them play. They commented that this was their first time in the Chattanooga area. “It’s like living in a photograph; it’s so beautiful.” Casey Whitaker, owner of The Warehouse said, “They were awesome!” Blood and Water’s album IN CHARACTER is currently available in stores and online.


The highlight of the night was Tooth & Nail’s Nine Lashes, originally out of Birmingham, Alabama. This quintet knows how to rock and could easily be opening for Christian rock bands like Skillet and RED. Though there were few in the crowd, we had a blast jumping around to this fantastic band. Their current single “Anthem of the Lonely” is in its second week at number 1 on the charts! And at the heart of their music is Christ—in fact, at their merchandise table, they had small Bibles that were free to anyone who wanted one. I anxiously await the release of their full album in February.


Also on Tooth & Nail, I Am Empire closed out the night. There were a total of six of us up close to the stage to rock out, but the small turnout didn’t seem to deter this brilliant alternative rock ensemble. Lead singer Austin Lyons is possibly the most spastic front-man I have seen, but he sure can sing! I Am Empire is a group of talent musicians who clearly love what they do. Their live performance was really together, and I found myself at times closing my eyes, just listening to the impressive music. Andrew Stanton is a brilliant guitarist. Seriously, go to a show to watch him play! I Am Empire played a variety of songs from their current album Kings including “Brain Damage,” and their current single “Saints and Sinners.” A portion of the album sales goes to benefit a program that mentors to children who don’t have fathers.


Overall it was another fun night at The Warehouse. If you weren’t there, you missed out on some great rock n’ roll. You definitely won’t want to miss Blood and Water, Nine Lashes, and I Am Empire the next time they come through Chattanooga.
Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos and videos by: Sarah Brehm
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