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Rejoice the Neverending Tour

posted Aug 3, 2011, 2:15 PM by Sarah Brehm
On August 2, Rejoice the Awakening and Beware the Neverending stopped at the Warehouse to entertain metal-heads. Local bands Reverse Signature, Gateway 2 Nowhere, and Gears of Insanity also showed off their metal intensity.


Reverse Signature, out of Lookout Mountain, got the party started. Each band member sported a Reverse Signature flag tied around their arm or leg, and their friends in the crowd showed their support by wearing one too. A mixture of heavy rock and metal, Reverse Signature will be a band to watch as they continue to write more songs (they even performed a song they wrote earlier that day!). They also gained my favor my playing a cover of “Monster” by Skillet—which just happens to be my favorite band.


Rejoice the Awakening wants to spread a message of love and hope with their metal music. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the positive message through the screaming vocals that have become a norm in metal music, but the song “Beautiful Creatures,” has a moment of clarity (clean vocals!): “What beautiful creatures we all could be if our fears and failures weren’t all we could see.”  Rejoice the Awakening recently finished recording a new EP and performed a new song “Blind Leaders, Mute Teachers.” As far their sound goes, Rejoice the Awakening is up there with Christian metal giants like For Today.


The hardcore/metalcore band Beware the Neverending started their set with a conversation between Goku and Piccolo from DragonBallZ. I wasn’t positive of this until I saw the band graphic of a lion wearing a scouter that reads over 9,000. Fans moshed with high kicks and pounding fists as Beware the Neverending jumped around on stage and the lead singer screamed his heart out. They also performed an interesting cover of “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga.


Local band Gateway 2 Nowhere performed next. They’re one of the youngest bands I’ve seen, but every band has to start somewhere. I appreciated the presence of two kick drums—something I haven’t seen in a while, and their guitarist Andrew Preavett clearly has talent. Family and friends rushed the stage and cheered for Gateway 2 Nowhere. As they grow, so will their musical complexity.


When Gears of Insanity, out of Dalton, Georgia, took the stage, there weren’t many people left. But that didn’t seem to bother this intense screaming metal band. They clearly had fun as they played to the small crowd who cheered their support.


Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos and video by: Sarah Brehm



Beware the Neverending

Rejoice the Awakening live at The Warehouse

Gateway 2 Nowhere