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REDvolution Tour 2012

posted Feb 21, 2012, 9:07 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Feb 21, 2012, 9:23 PM ]

As the rain turned to snow in Blountville, TN on February 19, things were heating up inside Celebration Church, host to the REDvolution Tour featuring Kiros, Nine Lashes, Manafest, Thousand Foot Krutch, and RED.


Celebration Church’s auditorium was standing-room only at the stage with several rows of cushioned seats in the back. In other words, the teens were in standing, and all the parents and youth pastors were watching purses and coats while sitting down!


I got there late and missed most of opening act Kiros, a rock band out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They played songs from their new album Lay Your Weapons Down, which came out on February 7. Lead vocalist Barry Mackichan encouraged the crowd to come back their merch table after their set—the band would be giving out free Canadian high fives!


Tooth & Nail freshman band Nine Lashes performed a few songs from their debut album, World We View, which was released on Valentine’s Day, including “Anthem of the Lonely,” “Intervention,” and “Get Back.” Nine Lashes is great live. I highly recommend checking them out.


Rap-rocker Manafest played “Avalanche,” and “Every Time You Run,” among others. He also performed “Fighter” the title track from his new album which hits stores April 10. Manafest always puts on a great show. His music is just fun to dance around to.


I’ll admit, I haven’t followed Thousand Foot Krutch much over the years, but I was impressed with how many songs they performed that I was familiar with. I also regret not following them because TFK only seems to have gotten better and better. Devoted fans wore the iconic white mask that was featured on the cover of Welcome to the Masquerade.


They rocked old-school style with “Rawkfist” which came out when I was in high school. When I realized the album Phenomenon was released nearly 10 years ago, it made me feel old!


The moshing really picked up during TFK’s set which included new songs “The End is Where We Begin,” and “Let the Sparks Fly.” The new album drips April 17 and will be sure to delight fans.


Up until the transition from TFK to RED, the set changes were some of the fastest I’ve seen, but it seemed to take forever to set the stage for RED—perhaps something wasn’t working like it should and the roadies were scrambling as fast as they could. But for those of us in the audience, the wait dragged on as we listened to dramatic orchestral/electronic music.


But suddenly a voice began talking about a machine, the stage fell into darkness, and a guitar strummed through the speakers (Don’t stand close enough to the speakers that your hair gets blown back by the vibrations!) When the stage lit back up, Joe Rickard stood on an elaborate drum riser that mimicked the feel of RED’s music video for “Feed the Machine”—Giant turning gears, smoking pipes, and factory-like tubing. Randy and Anthony Armstrong and frontman Michael Barnes jumped onto the stage wearing jumpsuits with machine tubing attached to it. It was as if we were in the heart of the machine, and the only way to destroy it was rock out as RED performed.


RED started their set with their two heaviest songs, “Feed the Machine” and “The Outside,” both from the highly acclaimed Until We Have Faces album that came out last year.


They performed a variety of songs spanning their three albums, including “Let Go,” “Lie to Me,” “Not Alone,” and “Confession.”


During “Shadows” Michael Barnes jumped into the crowd to try to get a circle pit going—which fans have aptly named the “washing machine.” Unfortunately, a few people tripped and it ended being a massive pile-up of confused teenagers. Hopefully no one was hurt!


With each time I see them, RED only seems to get better. This was the first time I’ve heard they discuss their faith on stage. RED loves what they do (and us fans also love what they do), but they warned the crowd not to put them, or TFK, or any other band up on a pedestal because, ultimately, it’s not about them or their music—it’s about worshipping God. (Yes, a RED show is worship to me!)


After ending their set with “Death of Me,” RED encored with “Pieces” and their most popular single “Breathe into Me.”


The REDvolution tour is going to be hard to beat for my favorite concert of 2012.

Words by: Sarah Brehm

Photos and Videos by: Sarah Brehm

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