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REASON Takes the Stage at the Exit/In in Music City

posted Sep 13, 2011, 2:50 PM by Sarah Brehm
Cleveland’s own REASON took the stage in Nashville, TN, at the infamous Exit/In. Established in 1971, This stage has been graced by artists such as Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Etta James, Train, Willie Nelson, The Allman Brothers, and RED (Kill the Machine Tour featuring RED) just to name a few on this distinguished list. Talk about a comeback! REASON has been back together for less than two months, and already we’re seeing them on the road in a major venue in Music City, U.S.A. If you’ve been in or around the music industry for any amount of time, you’re well aware of just how rare and awesome such a progression is, especially in such a short amount of time.
REASON closed out a long lineup, taking the stage around midnight in Nashville. The crowd may have diminished by then, but they still played for around 750 people total when you include the live feed that was being broadcasted on the Internet. According to the staff at the Exit/In, 100% of the comments posted on the live feed were positive, and with good REASON (pun certainly intended)! The guys pulled off a spectacular set, leaving no one disappointed except those who left without hearing them.

Lead singer Dustin Curry pulled double duty this evening, filling in for guitarist J.P. Miller as well as singing. Newest member Alex Cahoon rocked out on guitar as well. Bassist DJ Stuman and drummer CJ Maples held down their usual places. The energy flooding from that stage was dynamic. The entire band was moving to the music and headbanging their hearts out. The vocals were amazing, the guitars were right on target, the bass was jumping, and the drums were thundering. Between the music’s natural energy and the energy emanating from the band members, it didn’t seem like anybody could stand still or keep quiet!

The crowd response to this epic performance was just as exuberant. Members of the other bands who played this evening stuck around to cheer these guys on and vocalize their awesome support…judging by that fact, I think it’s safe to say REASON made an impact both on and off the stage. People were headbanging all over the place, cheering, clapping, shouting, and really having a grand time enjoying the vocal and musical talents of REASON.

Good news for these guys and all their fans: this will not be their last trip to Music City! Two more Nashville shows are tentatively scheduled, the first being October 8, 2011. These shows are not confirmed, so be sure to check out and for show dates and sample music from REASON. The next confirmed hometown show for REASON is October 28, 2011 at The Ballroom. This Halloween costume show (yes, costumes are required) will also include local metal bands Enruined, Timedrop, and Beyond Bethel.

Keep your eyes on these REASON guys—they truly could be the next big thing in the metal music genre!
Words by: Amber Boring
Photos by: Amber Boring