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Pillar Returns: Announces New Album for 2013

posted Dec 19, 2012, 11:43 AM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Dec 19, 2012, 11:49 AM ]

For nearly three years, the band Pillar has been relatively silent, leading to speculation that the successful Christian rock band had finally come to an end. But a sudden update to Pillar’s Facebook and Youtube on October 27, ignited fans into a frenzy, not only because it revealed a new album was in progress, but because the lineup reunites Rob Beckley, Noah Henson, Michael ‘Kalel’ Wittig, and Lester Estelle Jr., the group from Pillar’s most booming years.

Beckley and Wittig started Pillar in 1998 with several friends. After releasing two independent albums, Metamorphosis and Original Superman, Pillar signed to Flicker Records. The album Above was released in 2000, and the track “Open Your Eyes” won a Dove Award in 2001 for Hard Music Song of the Year.

Henson, known for his iconic dreadlocks and masterful guitar-work joined Pillar in 2002, the same year Fireproof came out. Not long after its release, Estelle Jr. joined. Extensive touring with Skillet on the Alien Youth Tour contributed to Pillar’s fast rise in popularity. Fireproof sold over 300,000 copies and received a Dove Award for Hard Music Album of the Year, winning over Demon Hunter’s self-titled album and Project 86’s Truthless Heroes.

In 2004 Pillar released Where Do We Go From Here. It had multiple hit singles, including “Bring Me Down” and “Frontline” and also received a Dove Award nomination for Rock Album of the Year.

The Reckoning came out in 2006, debuting at number 70 on the billboard top 200, and giving the band its first Grammy nomination for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album. This was  followed by For the Love of the Game in 2008, which saw more success and more Dove Award nominations. It was after this album that Estelle Jr. and Wittig stepped out of Pillar to pursue other things and spend time with family.

Pillar’s most recent album, Confessions came out in September 2009, receiving yet another Dove Award nomination. Interesting fact: Joe Rickard, now the drummer for RED, recorded all the drum tracks for this album.

As Pillar updates and tour dates slowed down, and eventually came to an end, it seemed that Pillar had closed this rock and roll chapter.

But it seems that God had other plans.

“This is our official announcement to you guys, our fans,” says Beckley in the video update released last month. “We are going to put another Pillar record out with the four members that you know and love.

“Just so you guys know, our hearts have been just completely restored as friends and with our relationship with God and just where we are right now. We are all in great places, and we are incredibly thankful where we are. Thank you to the fans for giving us this time to be able to regroup and solidify our lives to be better husbands, to be better fathers, and to be better people.

“And now it’s all on you guys to go conquer the world just like the Underground Army that you were in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006—all those years that we were able to do this. It’s time to reenlist and go do this!” 

And just like that, Pillar’s back!

Words by: Sarah Brehm

Photos by: Sarah Brehm

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Video created by Trinity's Apprentice Studios