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Over My Head Tour Explodes in Chattanooga

posted Apr 2, 2011, 9:57 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 1:25 PM ]

 Wait… did I just hear Sponge Bob sing the campfire song?


Several years ago, Brian “Head” Welch shocked millions of people when he announced he was quitting the immensely popular band Korn because he became a Christian. Drugs and alcohol consumed his life; his daughter sang suggestive Korn lyrics; he was broken inside and needed help. Head found that help through God. With God on his side he was able to kick his meth addiction—something few are able to accomplish. His incredible journey of living the dream of a rock star to developing a relationship with Jesus Christ is detailed in his book Save Me From Myself, and on March 31, Head stopped at The Warehouse to play a little rock music and share his testimony.


The Wedding opened this spectacular night of rock.  This energetic band seamlessly fuses rock and punk to create a distinctly unique sound that gets you moving. I admit that I didn’t know much about The Wedding—the only thing I did know is that former drummer Joe Rickard now plays drums for RED. But they made a fan out of me. They played several songs from their most recent EP The Distance including “Heartbreak in Melody” and “Remedy.” I especially enjoyed “Remedy” with its raw, aggressive sound that is impossible to not head-bang to!


Next up was the always entertaining female-fronted band, The Letter Black. Kicking off their set with “Fire with Fire” from their debut Tooth & Nail album, Hanging On By A Thread, they got the crowd moving. Lead singer Sarah Anthony can sing! Her voice meshes well with the heavy rock and wailing guitars. She also proved she could scream her lungs out when they played “Wounded.”


Great things will come from The Letter Black if they continue to bring the excellent rock. Currently, Volume 1 of The Hanging On By A Thread Sessions is out, featuring five tracks (including several previously unreleased) and the “Fire with Fire” music video. There will be three volumes to this limited edition set, with the covers of all three connecting. You can pick yours up at a concert near you or download from itunes and amazon.


If you’re looking for straight-up rock n’ roll, then Decyfer Down is the band for you. I discovered them at a Skillet concert a few years back and have loved listening to their two albums, End of Grey and Crash ever since. And their excellent musicianship means they’re a great live band. Decyfer Down entertained the crowd with “Fight Like This,” “Break Free,” “Ride with Me,” “Moving On,” and even a little “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynrd. Their song “Fading” in particular always gives me chills, especially live. The intro begans with a single guitar and continued to build momentum, adding drums, before breaking into an intense song about how addiction can take over—“And every single day, a part of my soul is fading. But now, by letting go somehow, Unshackled and unbound, I’m calling out your name. I’m fading. So save me from what I’ve become.”


According to Facebook updates, Decyfer Down has recently been in the studio working on album number three—be on the lookout!


And finally, Brian Head Welch and his band took the stage, but now before the lights went out and through the speakers the audience heard “C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song!” Quite random, but why not, right?


Head’s intensely heavy sound and raw, honest lyrics may not be your typical Christian rock album, but watching Head perform (he comes alive on stage) reminded me that Jesus uses all of us to spread his word; from Steven Curtis Chapman to Head, across all genres the Gospel is being shared and lives are being changed.


He and his band performed most of the songs on Head’s debut solo album, Save Me From Myself. The title track briefly tells the story about his life before becoming a Christian and how drugs and demons were plaguing his life—“The demons are calling me, ‘Just one more line!’” And the chorus is a plea for help: “God, save me from myself!”


He ended the night with “Blind,” a Korn song. Some people question his decision to play this song, but really, it’s about becoming so lost that you’re blind, a fitting song for Head to play considering he admits he was that lost. The Letter Black’s Sarah Anthony jumped on stage and helped him belt out the lyrics.


Overall it was a fantastic night of heavy metal and head banging and Jesus. If you weren’t at The Warehouse for this one, then you completely missed out. Guess you’ll have to catch these bands when they come back through (hopefully soon!).


Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos by: Sarah Brehm and Rick Brehm
The Wedding
 The Wedding
 The Letter Black
 The Letter Black
 Decyfer Down
Brian Head Welch 

Brian Head Welch "Rebel" live at The Warehouse