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Outrage Festival

posted Oct 2, 2011, 1:37 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Oct 27, 2011, 11:43 AM ]

After nearly an hour and a half delay, Outrage Festival, hosted by Outrage Apparel kicked off at The Warehouse on September 30. Ten bands performed to a small crowd eager to show off their moshing moves.


The first band, Larry The Cable Guy, set up on the floor in front of the stage. I’m not even sure how to properly describe their performance—it’s definitely something to see live. They played just a few hardcore tunes, but will be remembered for destruction. Vocalist James Black picked up the floor tom and repeated threw it onto the concrete ground. The guitarist swung his guitar into the bass drum. Drums flew every which way. I’m not entirely sure why they destroyed their equipment though. (side note: If you choose to destroy your instruments, please be mindful of the venue’s microphones!)


Torn Down the Numb, out of Ringgold, Georgia, was the only non metal/hardcore band of the night. And I’m pretty sure the youngest! A mix between punk and rock, Torn Down the Numb played several songs including “My Dog Runs, But Your Dog Barks” and “98% Dead.” Hopefully as they grow as musicians they’ll develop a stronger, more defined sound.


A Ghost Among Men is the pure definition of hardcore, with heavy beats, gritty guitars, and growling vocals. This is their ministry; this is what they feel called to do, and I expect to see great things from A Ghost Among Men as they develop as a band.


I didn’t care much for Remender, a deathcore band out of Athens, Alabama. But I do have to tip my hat to guitarist Jewel Eaves, who was the only lady to perform that night. She rocked just as hard as her fellow band-mates and proved that metal isn’t just for the boys. The hardcore moshing really picked up during their set, with guys pacing the floor, kicking the air, and pin-wheeling their arms into each other. The crowd peaked with Remender and slowly dwindled as the night went on.


Depths, out of McMinnville, Tennessee entertained the crowd with melodic hardcore. Apparently Depths had equipment stolen after the show. Don’t steal people’s stuff; it’s rude. Please inform Depths if you know anything about this.


Wolves, a hardcore band out of Nashville, Tennessee played next, followed by the hardcore band Reach, out of Cookeville, Tennessee. Reach definitely had the heaviest sound out of all the bands that night. Then the band Encounters, out of Trenton, Georgia, delighted the crowd with their progressive hardcore sound.


This night was Axiom’s second to last show ever. Their final show is a few weeks away on October 14. Axiom has always been fun to watch perform. The band is passionate about their experimental hardcore music, but more passionate about their reason behind the music—Jesus Christ. Vocalist Brandon Ray let the audience know that Axiom loved them. Let’s return the love by packing out the Warehouse for their final show.


A small crowd stayed well past midnight to watch the final act, Show the Fight. That people would stay that late to see them perform shows just how popular Show the Fight is in the local progressive metal scene. They were a lot of fun to watch. I expect their popularity to grow as they continue to play shows.


It was an interesting and long night. Equipment got destroyed; equipment got stolen. Ten bands showcased their metal/hardcore abilities. And some Outraged Apparel t-shirts were purchased.
Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos by: Sarah Brehm


Larry the Cable Guy
Torn Down the Numb