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Opening of The Warehouse

posted Mar 27, 2011, 12:29 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Mar 27, 2011, 5:06 PM ]

Excitement buzzed through the crowd entering the new location of The Warehouse on Saturday night (January 29, 2011). They were ready to christen the building with a heavy metal show that was so loud it could be heard across the street.


Tir Asleen kicked off night with intense metal sounds mixed with a hint of the melodic usually found in progressive rock. A bunch of guys who love music, Tir Asleen looked like they were having fun playing songs with titles like “Castle Greyskull” and “Damn Dirty Apes.” (Who doesn’t love Planet of the Apes and Charleton Heston?)


They were followed by Cartographer, a band that’s straight up metal with catchy guitar rifts. It was during their set, as singer Chance Willie screamed his heart out, that the crowd showed the first signs of moshing. Heads were banging, and some fists were flailing.


I like how the next band describes themselves on Facebook: “Spirit-filled Hardcore. Like it or Leave it.” In This Hour brought with them heavy, hardcore metal that rocked the walls and floors of The Warehouse. Moshing broke out in full force with hands and feet flying in every direction. At one point the lead singer, David Beck, spoke to the crowd. He said, “Everything we do up on this stage is to give glory to God. There’s no love in this world that you can get that’s better than God’s.” It’s true, and it’s awesome seeing a band use its talent to influence others.


Between Two Seas played next. The fast-paced screamo band kept the crowd of nearly 300 partying. People seemed to be enjoying the music and atmosphere.


Last of the local bands was Amity. This thrash band convinced the crowd that a circle pit was necessary. They also were proud to share their faith in God: “I sing about God,” said singer Jason Dobbs, “because of what He’s done for me, because of what He’s done for you. God has a life for you. It’s not a life of sexually transmitted diseases and drugs. He wants you pure and holy because He loves you.”


Next up for this epic night was Victory Record’s Before There Was Rosalyn. They started with a prayer and jumped into their post-hardcore music. Unfortunately the crowd started diminishing, but the moshing did not. People ran from wall to wall while throwing their fists in the air. “The Warehouse is awesome,” said singer Carlos Salazar. “Thank you to Casey and all the staff. And thank you to you guys!” he pointed to the crowd.


The Solid State Records band To Speak of Wolves closed out the night. For some reason, most of the crowd had left by this point. But that didn’t seem to bother this intense hardcore band. Those who were left enjoyed partying as the lead singer joined the crowd. He even rolled around the floor as he screamed into his mic!


It was a fantastic night at The Warehouse; there’s sure to be plenty more.


By: Sarah Brehm