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Local Bands Share Their Talent

posted Jun 12, 2011, 2:15 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Jun 17, 2011, 2:54 PM ]

Oh right, there’s this thing called RiverBend going on right now—which might be the reason why very few people showed up last night at The Warehouse. Well, while most people paid 10 dollars to park, wandered around in the heat and humidity, and listened to mediocre music, those of us at The Warehouse stayed in the air conditioning and listened to local musicians Tyler Melashenko, Soul Gate 7, Lines in the Sky (from Nashville), and FareTheeWell. Combined it was probably a better mix of talent and style than the party going on a few blocks away.


It’s hard to describe Tyler Melashenko. His long, brown hair covered his face most of the night as he sang about love and danced around on the small stage. A talented musician (he wailed away on a red guitar during the first song), Melanshenko has somehow combined styles of music to create a sound that is at times industrial rock, dance, pop, and even sometimes jazz. Behind his merchandise table he hung a giant poster of kitten, and that, somehow, says everything about Melashenko.


Soul Gate 7 has 6 and half members—a half because through most of the set, a little boy sat in front of the drums with a toy guitar and pretended to strum along with the heavy rock band. A merging of three bands, Soul Gate 7 has a specific mission—to spread God’s word. Lead singer, Joe Dilliard recited Matthew 24:14, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Soul Gate 7 is using their music, which bounces between rock and metal, to share Christ to a lost world. They ended their set with the song “Jump Around” in which Dilliard tossed a giant Smurf into the tiny crowd. “You must not let the crowd Smurf hit the ground!” he said, but alas, the crowd let him fall.


Nashville based Lines in the Sky played to almost no one, which is a shame because, despite being so young, they’re full of musical talent, especially front-man Jesse Brock, who wrote most of the songs. This melodic, alternative rock band was a delight to watch. Two guitars, a six-string bass, drums, and a keyboard combined to create a beautiful, progressive, ethereal sound similar to U2 and MUTEMATH. Lines in the Sky will have a future, so catch them now before you have to pay big bucks to see them!



The night came to a close with the pop rock sounds of FareTheeWell. With catchy bass lines and guitar riffs, and an up-beat tempo, FareTheeWell entertained the few of us left at The Warehouse. But the tiny crowd didn’t seem to upset the four-member band. It was obvious that they enjoyed playing, and seeing people enjoy doing what they do is always fun to watch. FareTheeWell’s CD will be released to iTunes this Tuesday, June 14. Their CD release party will be June 24, at The Warehouse.


Words by: Sarah Brehm
Pictures and Videos by: Sarah Brehm

Tyler Melashenko "It's Izuzu"


Soul Gate 7 "In My Head"


Lines in the Sky