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Ignite the World Tour Heats up the Warehouse

posted Apr 23, 2011, 1:39 PM by Sarah Brehm
written by: Bethany Trent
On Friday night, the Warehouse hosted the Ignite the World tour, featuring headliner For Today with supporting bands Chelsea Grin, Motionless in White, For the Fallen Dreams, In the Midst of Lions, and In this Hour. It was a great night of heavy music that showcased a diverse line-up of bands.


Local band In this Hour opened the show with their unique brand of Christian metal. Mosh pits were started early by the enthusiastic crowd. It was clear that the night was going to be full of non-stop energy from the fans and the bands.


In the Midst of Lions kept the energy going with fast guitar riffs and deep, growling vocals. Matt Janssen headbanged furiously as he sang about being filled with God's spirit. Mosh pits with hardcore dancers took over the floor. Fans in the first few rows were encouraged to jump with the heavy beats. Their thirty-minute set featured “Fearless” and “Reborn” from their 2010 album, The Heart of Man.


Michigan metalcore band For the Fallen Dreams kept the crowd moving, thanks to vocalist  Dylan Ritcher, who sports a multitude of tattoos on his upper body. For most of the set, he was perched atop one of the speakers, eagerly reaching out to the crowd. He even took a stage dive, trusting the  fans to catch him and hold his body aloft. The set included “Last Dying Breath” from their debut album and their new song, “Strange Faces.” They have a new album coming out May 24th, entitled, Back Burner


Motionless in White made a definite statement when lead singer Chris Motionless declared that he didn't care if you worshiped God or worshiped Satan, he respected you for being who you are. Motionless bears an uncanny resemblance to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, but he is much more down to earth than Manson will ever be. He seemed very humble, high-fiving the fans in the first few rows and announcing that the Chattanooga crowd was the best of the whole tour so far. The crowd was jumping through most of the set, which included “Immaculate Misconception” and a cover of Rob Zombie's, “Dragula.”


Chelsea Grin shook the Warehouse to its foundations with the biggest mosh pits of the night. “Chelsea Grin” chants were heard throughout the evening, and the band fed off the energy of the crowd. Alex Koehler mixed insane growls with high-pitched screams, which were complimented by melodic riffs from guitarist Michael Stafford. The crowd was hyped from start to finish, reluctantly scattering when the band finished the last song. The set list included the classic, “My Damnation” and the newest single, “Recreant.” Koehler proclaimed that this was Chelsea Grin's first time to play Chattanooga. If the crowd reaction was any indication, they will make it back to the Scenic City in the near future.


For Today was easily the most popular band of the night. The packed house loved them. Vocalist Mattie Montgomery shared his Christian beliefs through intense growling vocals and powerful screams. The crowd had been energetic all evening, but they showed even more for this band. Despite the heat and the tight mass of bodies, the crowd hung on every note, jumping, moshing, and pumping their fists in the air. The set list featured the fan-favorites “Agape” and “Seraphim.”



Photos and Video by: Sarah Brehm 



The line to get in.
In This Hour 
In The Midst of Lions

For Today begins their set at The Warehouse


For Today "Agape" live at The Warehouse