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Ichthus Report 2: Kutless, FF5, and MCMB

posted Jun 22, 2012, 2:37 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Jun 22, 2012, 2:40 PM ]
Its no wonder the Christian rock band Kutless has now been around over 12 years. They have several rock albums and two amazing worship projects . This is only the second time I've been blessed enough to see them live, but I've been a fan for years. The incredible thing about this band is their ability to bring straight-up power chord rock and then smoothy transition into powerful worship and actually lead the audience into an encounter with our God. John Michah Sumerall does an amazing job sharing what he sees God doing in his life and spends more time than most talking about his personal relationship with Christ and praying wifh the crowd. They performed several songs from their newest album, Believer,  as well as their first radio release, "Your Touch" from their self-titled debut album, and ended up with with some corporate worship time and some tunes from Strong Tower. A great First night at ichthus 2012.
Family Force 5:
Family Force 5 killed it at the main stage. Definitely one of the most unique and original groups at the festival.  A perfect blend of rock, rap, and originality. All age groups gatheded and danced and grooved with them. A solid drum beat and a mobil synth twistin' and dubbin' the riffs. A true crowd pleaser - a definite do-not-miss no matter what genre you like. They claim they are praising God in a weird way and they tottally killed it! They are for sure the most musically and stylistically creative bands I have ever seen. With nicnames like Fatty and Crouton how can you go wrong? If you have a chance to see this band do not miss it!
MyChildren MyBride:
The crowd was sprayed with a water hose as MyChildren MyBride took the stage in a constant wall of motion dresssd in solid black. Front-man Matthew Hasting commanded the pit with brutal authority, calling out the two step in the breakdowns - they followed his every command like loyal disciples. MyChildren MyBride fans are definitely among the most loyal of the festival goers. Their timing was perfect, and they  left no room for error. MyChildren MyBride is pure hardcore, and they mean business. Another great show in front of a growing hardcore community at the Ichthus Festival
Words by: Greg Kraft
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