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Forte Chattanooga Moves Forward

posted Jun 5, 2011, 7:06 PM by Sarah Brehm
I want Forte Chattanooga to become a place where fans of all musical genres come together through the bond of Jesus Christ. Where fans of Brian “Head” Welch meet fans of Newsong, where fans of Trip Lee meet fans of The Letter Black, where fans of the Building 429 meet fans of Children 18:3, where people suddenly realize it’s not about the music, that we’re all on the same team. All of these bands and artists have one love and one passion—to spread God’s love and share Jesus Christ. It’s time for us to stop bickering about which genre is “correct.” God doesn’t want us to be “correct”—He wants us to be real, real with each other and real with Him.


In reality, I will most likely get more spiritually out of a Skillet concert as opposed to a Newsong concert. Does that make Skillet “correct” and Newsong not? Absolutely not! Someone else is going to a Newsong concert as opposed to a Skillet concert. We all have different preferences, different passions. And since we’re all made in God’s image, God must be a fan of all the bands I’ve mentioned, from the soft, worshipful sound of Chris August, to the loud, screaming sound of For Today!


My passion lies in rock like Skillet and Decyfer Down—because I love these bands, I can passionately and joyously write about them. I can go to a For Today show or a Bebo Norman show and write a review—but it would lack a spark of life a true fan would create. And this is where you come in. Do you enjoy writing and have a passion for music? If you do, please consider (and pray about) becoming a vital part of Forte Chattanooga.


This is what I want: three more people to come on board as staff writers, each with a focus and passion for a specific genre—contemporary (Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, etc.), heavy metal/hardcore (For Today, Impending Doom, etc.), and hip-hop/rap (Lecrae, Tedeshi, etc.)


If you are interested please email me at


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