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Closing Night of Inhabit Fest

posted Sep 13, 2011, 11:00 AM by Sarah Brehm

Inhabit Fest closed out at The Warehouse Saturday night (August 27) with an interesting conglomeration of styles and sounds.

The night started when Faretheewell took the stage. These guys caught my attention immediately with their infectious personalities. They would talk to the fans and crack jokes like we were all old friends. Faretheewell also has a unique blended sound pulling from rock, pop, and alternative sounds. It was an interesting dynamic. Occasionally, I would catch myself thinking, “Hey, they kind of sound like…”, but before I could place who I wanted to fill in the blank with, something completely different musically would catch my attention.

My favorite song Faretheewell played was “Circle.” The music is incredibly catchy (but not in a cheesy pop way), and it’s all thanks to a really awesome bass line played by bassist Josh Rosa. The band’s new favorite song to perform is their song, “The Word Perfect,” with which they opened their set at Inhabit Fest. Four of the songs they performed in this set were new songs being played for the first time, and I have to say, especially for new material, Faretheewell pulled it off. The only thing I felt was lacking in their set was a little more harmony from the backing vocals. A lot of times the backup vocals were on the same part as the lead vocals.

The band said they wanted their fans to have a good time at the show and leave with a desire to come back for more. Overall, these guys put on a great show, and I would definitely go see them again.

Behold the Brave was next up with their unique indie rock sound. These guys also brought some awesome energy to the stage, and their fans brought life to the crowd. Formed about two and half years ago, the band is comprised of all original members except for a new drummer, Jeremiah Thompson, who was not present at this show. I was impressed with their usual bassist, Joel Parks, who filled in on the drums tonight and did an awesome job.  Actually, these guys did great overall. The vocals were spot-on, the drums were clean and powerful, and the guitar riffs were musically interesting and well-executed.

Lead singer Clayton Davis told me after their set that Behold the Brave wants their fans to leave their shows feeling good about life.

“We have fun doing what we do, and hope people have fun with us,” Clayton commented.

The show closed out with the return of Show the Fight, a Chattanooga-native metal band. The band has been together on and off for three or four years, but they have not played a hometown show in a year and a half due to some band member changes. That year and half doesn’t seem to have affected their fan base much, however. When these guys took the stage, the crowd easily tripled in size.  Fight fans brought every ounce of energy possible into the crowd with their exuberant moshing and headbanging.

Show the Fight sports a blended progressive and hardcore metal sound, which I definitely enjoyed. Their stage presence was polished and energetic, at times almost appearing choreographed.  The drums were thundering, the guitars and bass were wicked, and the screams were awesome. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was some slightly cleaner execution of the clean vocals (though admittedly that sounded like more of a mike issue than a vocal performance issue). These guys were easily the crowd favorite and deserved every bit of that title. Show the Fight made an amazing first appearance as the newly formed crew, and every metal head in Chattanooga should check these guys out.

Lead singer/guitarist Brian Medley and guitarist Billy Roberts still remain from the original Show the Fight. They said the biggest influence in their music and their lives is Jesus Christ. Some of their musical influences are Day to Remember, 1994, and Underoath. Drummer Brandon Cain said the band always keeps a positive outlook and tries to convey that in the lyrics of their songs.

“We want people to leave with a black eye and a smile on their face,” Brandon said in true metal fashion.

If you missed Inhabit Fest, then you missed out. Faretheewell, Behold the Brave, and Show the Fight all put on excellent sets. Be sure to check these guys out on Facebook and find out when their next shows are so you don’t miss out again!

Words by: Amber Boring

Photos by: Amber Boring



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Behold the Brave
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Show the Fight