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C.I.S. Shares Christ Through "Life" Metal Music

posted Apr 22, 2011, 8:23 AM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 1:28 PM ]

In 1999, Json Eaves and Adam Bennett started C.I.S.* with the dreams of rocking to sell-out crowds and of fully enjoying the life of a rock star. Even though Eaves had grown up in the church, Christ wasn’t what he was focused on. It wasn’t until 2006, when he visited with a sick cousin that Christ filled his heart and his life changed forever.


His cousin had numerous health issues, was stuck in a wheelchair, and was dying, but Eaves noticed that he was so full of joy and happiness. Eaves asked his cousin if there was anything he could do for him. “My cousin told me, ‘You make it to Heaven so I can see you again.’ And I felt convicted right there.” He paused. “Man, I’m getting chills just talking about it.”


Eaves rededicated his life to Christ and C.I.S. found a new mission. “Me and Adam,” said Eaves, “kept trying to push it, but it wasn’t until we put it in God’s hands that things seemed to happen.”


Enter drummer Jackie Cox and bassist Russ “Mojo” Wise. Each responded to a Craiglist ad that C.I.S. had posted to search for new members in 2009. Cox, who has been playing music for 25 years, had recently moved from Arizona and just happened to come across the ad. Mojo, sparked into playing music again after he found a bass at a pawn shop, stared at the ad for several weeks. “God just kept pushing me to send a reply,” he said.


When the four members got together it was chemistry. It was as if God pulled them all together for this purpose—to make rock n’ roll music for Christ. “This is our ministry,” said Mojo.


C.I.S. strives to reach those who are lost and help those going through a rough time with their heavy (musically and lyrically), positive metal music that they’ve termed Life Metal. “We all go through trials and tribulations,” said Eaves. “We’ve all got a story and testimony to tell. We’re all covered in scars one way or another.”


With the release of their debut album, What Words Will Do, C.I.S. hopes to get back into the studio this fall. The band loves to write new songs, and if they could, they’d spend all day in the studio recording song after song.


The members recognize that they can’t just quit their jobs and go on tour, though they’d love to do that. However, they are gaining popularity. “We’re getting big by word of mouth,” said Cox. They hope to build this popularity by playing Godfest this August down in Florida. C.I.S. wants to open for big names in the Christian Metal scene like Demon Hunter, Stryper, and Brian “Head” Welch.


But ultimately, C.I.S wants help people find Christ. “We’re not a religious band,” said Eaves. “We’re Christians. If we can turn our lives around, then anyone can.”


Catch C.I.S. this Saturday, April 23, at The Warehouse downtown. Come on out and support the rock for Jesus!


*note: I am referring to “Covered in Scars” as C.I.S. due to a legal issue regarding the name.
Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos by: TRD Photography
left to right: Russ "Mojo" Wise, Jackie Cox, Json Eaves, Adam Bennett
left to right: Russ "Mojo" Wise, Jackie Cox, Json Eaves, Adam Bennett