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Christmas Pageant Tour

posted Jan 5, 2012, 2:57 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Jan 5, 2012, 3:08 PM ]

Family Force 5 kicked off their third annual Christmas Pageant Tour on December 6 here in Chattanooga. This year they brought along supporting acts Hawk Nelson and Manafest to bring the Christmas cheer.


The dance party got cranking in The Warehouse with local artist Brand-O. The DJ, Ben Daniels, wore a jacket with green and blue LED tubing that pulsated with the music. Brand-O wore his signature light-up gloves and glasses as he performed “Radio” and “When My Heart Goes Pop” from his debut album When My Heart Goes Pop. He also performed covers of “Good Enough” by The Black-Eyed Peas and “I Workout” by LMFAO.


After a very quick stage switch, Tyler Melashenko and drummer Jason Dobbs rocked it out. If you’ve never seen Tyler Melashenko live, then that should be at the top of your 2012 New Year’s resolution list. He packs so much energy into his performance that it’s impossible not to get swept up into the party and dance along. He played several songs from his self-titled album (which you can currently download for free) including “Love Songs” and my favorite “Get Loud.”


Unfortunately, as Oaklynn set up to play I had to leave. Because of UTC’s brilliant exam schedule, I had to take a final exam at 7:45 that night! However, it was very tempting to skip the exam to stay and party (stay in school kids!).


When I returned to 412 Market Street, the party had moved across the hall into the Mosaic Arts Venue. On the stage were four gigantic letters—H-A-W-K. I had missed Oaklynn and Manafest, but I’m sure they put on an entertaining show. Lead singer Jason Dunn wore a Santa’s hat. They performed several of their hit singles, including “Live Life Loud” and “Crazy Love” as well as Christmas songs, like “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” from the Christmas EP released earlier this year. Hawk Nelson ended their set sporting mullet wigs as they covered Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”


A black curtain with the Family Force 5 logo went up to set the stage for in secrecy. They opened their set with the explosive hit “Can You Feel it” from Business Up Front/Party in the Back (2006). It amuses me at shows to see all the cameras and cell phones in the air trying to capture their favorite songs to re-live days, weeks, even years later. All the members of FF5 wore black pants, white shirt, black vest (though by the end of the night, most of the vests were gone), and a black top hat—they looked like gentlemen from the 1800s, but one thing’s for certain—top hats need to come back into everyday fashion!



FF5 performed a variety of their totally-rocking, dance-worthy songs including “Supersonic,” “Paycheck,” “Radiator,” “Dance or Die,” “Kountry Gentlemen,” “Dance or Die,” “Love Addict,”—which a bit of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” in it—and “Get your Back Off the Wall.” The light show, which included an LED wall, was incredibly impressive and added so much to the exciting performance.


During the encore of “Carol of the Bells” from the Christmas Pageant album, people dressed as a Yeti, a Christmas ornament, and what appeared to be two ears danced onto the stage—only at a Family Force 5 show! “Carol of the Bells” immediately transitioned into the final song—“Ghostride the Whip.”


Overall, it was a wonderfully exciting show—even though I had to take an exam! Hopefully Family Force 5 will stop by in Chattanooga next Christmas!

Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos by: Sarah Brehm
Video by: Youtube user MandeeMayonnaise



Family Force 5 "Carol of the Bells" live at The Warehouse