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Beyond Bethel at The Warehouse

posted Aug 25, 2011, 6:53 PM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Aug 25, 2011, 6:57 PM ]

There’s one thing you can always expect a Beyond Bethel show to be: an epic metal throw down. Doesn’t matter if the crowd is 1, 10, 100, or 1000, these guys consistently bring their A-game to every show, and the fans love them for it.

The Bethel boys threw down Downtown at The Warehouse on August 12th along with up and coming bands Reach, Die to Yourself, Challenger, and Chapters. This show was no exception to the epic metal throw down rule, complete with wicked guitar riffs, rambunctious circle pits, intense metal drumming, and epic screaming.

 “A Fire Before Him,” the title track off Beyond Bethel’s first album, kicked off the set. This show-stopper is usually a great show-starter with the progressive intensity of the intro. I found myself more and more drawn into the song with the addition of each instrumental layer. As shockingly powerful as the switch from melodic intro to metal scream is on the album, the live performance of that shift trumped the recorded version.

The title track was followed by “Look Away” and “Burning.”  In metal, it’s easy to overlook anything that’s not vocals and drums because those two things tend to be so intense. However, these Beyond Bethel guys can play some mean guitar and bass too. The musical aspects of “Burning” are definitely nothing to sneeze at, and these guys pulled it off spectacularly Friday night.

The pace-changer of the set, “Day in Darkness,” is a musically interesting combination of clean vocals and screaming, down tempo rock and distinct metal sound that really showcased the range of Beyond Bethel’s talent and artistry Friday night. 

The next song of the set, “Bring It Down,” is all about God “bringing it down like you’ve never seen before”…and I can also say lead singer Jonathan Bowden brought it down in this song with some spot-on vocals. The screaming was “give-you-goosebumps” intense, the clean vocals of the chorus were rockin’, and his powerful stage presence emanated ownership of the song’s truth.

An appropriate interlude of Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t Not Grave (Can Hold My Body Down)” led into the next song: “Death, Hell, and the Grave.”  I’m pretty sure all three trembled as the entire room shouted in defiance against them during this crowd favorite!

The album’s single, “Sons of Thunder,” closed out an awesome set, and drummer Shawn Walker literally brought the thunder. His lightning fast double bassing made it easy for fans to truly “feel the thunder rising up inside.”

Overall, Beyond Bethel had another amazing show. The only sad part of the night was the end of the last song…and that’s only because it signified the end of a fantastic set.

If you missed out Friday, be at The Ballroom (Cleveland, TN)  on August 26th for a special performance celebrating the birthdays of Jonathan Bowden (Beyond Bethel), Silence the Sorrow’s D.J. Stuman, and Chris Eubanks, aka “Pappy,” longtime friend of the band and former drummer for Silence the Sorrow. The lineup also includes friends Morior Invictus, The Flood Shall Flow, and a special reunion performance by Reason.

Words by: Amber Boring
Photos by: Sarah Huff