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A Night of Heavy Rock n' Roll

posted Apr 24, 2011, 8:02 PM by Sarah Brehm

Sometimes it amazes me how much music is out there. If people invested as much time in local bands as national acts, they’d be surprised at how many hidden gems they could find. Last night four very distinct rock bands played to a small but energetic crowd at The Warehouse in downtown Chattanooga. It was a reminder that bands play because they truly love the music they create.


Morior Invictus, a heavy metal Christian band out of Knoxville, got the night started with the vibrating boom of the kick drum and the wails of not one, not two, but three guitars. Female bassist Kristy Walker proved that metal isn’t just a boy’s game anymore. They played several songs including “Above Desecration” and “The Anonymous.” During one song, two of the guitarist dexterously played guitar on each other’s back. “We want to thank The Warehouse for letting us play,” said lead vocalist Joel Rainwater. “We love it here.” He also announced that Morior Invictus just got done recording their debut album, The Anonymous, which should be released later this summer.


Covered In Scars played next. Comprised of four guys who have a passion for God, Covered In Scars has a sound that resides somewhere between melodic rock and heavy metal—and somehow it works. Many in the crowd wore Covered In Scars shirts and sang along as they played most of the songs off their debut album, What Words Will Do, including the ultra-fast song “33 Years,” with the lyrics “You know why I’m here—to spread the Gospel. The good news is He is risen. He’s coming back again!” There were even some little kids at the front rocking out!


ChokeSlam easily had the largest fan-base there last night, with fans headbanging, singing (I mean screaming) along to every song, and shoving each other in a small mosh pit. And when they were finished, ChokeSlam announced they were taking the party to the bars. Most of the crowd left, leaving very few to watch the last band, Shutter.


The musicians in Shutter are very talented, with a tight sound that makes you nod your head as you listen. It was at this point that I was reminded that musicians play because they want to, because they love. While I’m sure Shutter wanted a larger crowd, they still eagerly played to the few remaining people.


So get out there and listen to local bands. You never know what you’ll find.
Words by: Sarah Brehm
Pictures and video by: Sarah Brehm

C.I.S "Black Train" live at The Warehouse

Morior Invictus