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A look at "Not Rock Stars" by Disciple

posted Aug 15, 2011, 9:07 AM by Sarah Brehm

Early last summer I had the privilege of seeing a Disciple show for the first time. It impacted me in a very powerful way.  Because lead singer Kevin Young was so sincere on stage about God, it was really where God started working on my heart.  I had pretty much left God and the Church behind due to seeing so many people claiming to be Christians, but their actions not reflecting God much to me. So I had just had enough and gave up on it all together. I thank God that He didn’t leave me there and that I went to that Disciple show. Their music has really impacted me a lot.  One of my favorite songs is “Not Rock Stars” from the album By God (2001).  It has such a powerful message, and it’s really a two-part type of message.

The first thing that sticks out to me is the point of view from Disciple themselves. From the band perspective, they are saying that they are called to be “Servants of the Most High, not rock stars.”  It’s not about ego, money, and fame, it’s about spreading the message that God has placed upon their hearts.

That’s a message that each of us should take to heart as well. I’m a local Chattanooga photographer and I’ve worked with quite a few bands and models in the area. I’ve met a lot of people both Christian and not Christian. When people admire your work, send out amazing compliments, or even when you personally know that you’re doing a quality job, it’s easy to start letting that go to your head. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to get that feeling. You could be a straight A student, and you start getting an ego because you’re at the top of your class. Or at your job you might be the best worker there, and you start getting an ego because you do a better job than anyone else. It’s easy to let pride get the better of us. Or you could be regularly attending church and have all the outside appearances of following Jesus, but then you see some that aren’t doing that, and it’s easy to turn up your nose to them. God’s called us to be “Servants of the Most High, not ANYTHING else.”  We have to realize that every single one of us is flawed and broken, and the only chance we have is acknowledging that fact and letting Him piece us back together again.

The second thing that really impacts me about this song, is that too many times we as fans look to bands and others as being better than ourselves. Kevin sings, “I am just a man, with as many problems as anyone who has lived. And I have faced temptations, some I pass and some I fail.” I used to really look up to people, and that was one of my biggest downfalls to me leaving church. I was looking at people as my example to be a Christian, and not looking at God. It doesn’t matter if the person we admire is another church member, a rock star, an athlete, a politician, a movie star, or whoever; when we look at people and they fail, it affects us.

I had a friend recently tell me how much a good friend of mine, Json Eaves (lead singer of local band CoveredScars), and I inspire her on her walk with God. I told her not to look to us for inspiration. The only thing we’ve got good in us is Jesus working on our lives and we’re just trying to stay out of His way as He works on us. I told her not to look to us because sometimes we make mistakes, we all do. Some of us admit it and realize our weaknesses, and in our weakness, He makes us strong because we have to rely on Him. Many people look at TV preachers, and then find out that he was embezzling money or was caught having an affair. How many people have their faith rocked because they were focusing on a person, rather than on God?

We have to realize that not one of us on this earth is above the devil’s temptations; no bands, no politicians, no preachers, no one. We need to be praying for these people on a daily basis, but we have to be focusing on our own relationship with God. We have to realize that God has called ALL of us, not just bands like Disciple, to be servants of the Most High.

Below are the lyrics to “Not Rock Stars”

 Servants of the Most High


I am just a man with as many problems

As anyone who has lived

And I have faced temptations

Some I pass and some I fail

I know what it's like to be on the mountain

And in the deep abyss

And I know what it's like

To be rescued from the stronghold of hell

When I have not humbled myself

God has humbled me

And I'm so far from knowing it all

Cause He's still teaching me

But I want to share the love He gave

So we all could be not of this world

Not of this world

Servants of the Most High, not rock stars

New creatures in Christ, not rock stars

We are meant to be examples

And not idols to be praised

We are just one of the many parts

Of the body of God

We're not here for our own glory

We're not here to steal from you

But our prayer from our heart

Is that you'll find God and see the truth

There is something greater

Than anything that money can buy

The privilege and the honor

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ

And we want to share the love He gave

So we all could be not of this world

Not of this world


Servants of the Most High, not rock stars

New creatures in Christ, not rock stars

Servants of the Most High, not rock stars

New creatures in Christ, not rock stars
Words by: Ricky Davis
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"Not Rock Stars" by Disciple