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Album Review: Tyler Melashenko by Tyler Melashenko

posted Jul 13, 2011, 8:17 PM by Sarah Brehm

From the age of 14, when Tyler Melashenko got his first guitar, music has been his passion. “I love playing music and performing more than any other activity or job I have had,” says Melashenko, who claims he’s proficient only at the guitar, but can also play the drums, bass, and piano. He left school several years ago to pursue music—now he spends his time writing music, touring, and gaining new fans.


Melashenko’s self-titled sophomore album, released last year, delivers with an outlandish blend of pop, rock, and electronica. The catchy tunes and lyrics can easily put a smile on your face and make you want to dance around the room.


Originally, the album was going to be titled after the track “Love Songs,” which is Melashenko’s favorite of the album. While on tour in Texas, Melashenko started to really miss home. So he called his mom. After talking to her he felt much better. This song is to his mom because he realized he needed to more thankful for those who love him. “Let’s write love songs. Let’s write love songs to the ones we love.” It’s unusual for a “love” song to not be about love for a girlfriend or boyfriend, but it’s quite refreshing. So much focus nowadays is on romantic love that we often forget how important it is to share love with our families and friends.


Love is the common theme to the album. “I would say the deepest parts of who we are and our identity can be tracked back to some sort of love—parents, Jesus, friends,” says Melashenko. “All I need is love. Love, love, love. All I’ve got is love. Love, love, love,” sings Melashenko in the rocking track “It’s Izuzu.” In the unique pop track “I Love You For The Win,” he sings, “ILY, ILY, ILY, FTW,” which in text lingo means, “I love you, I love you, I love for the win.” The lyrics to “Hearts,” a heavy rock song with a strong synthesizer beat, yearn for more love—“I need love to find me…what is this my heart belongs to?” And “Fall Away” is a sweet song that simply asks, “Did she love me?”


Melashenko is at his best when he combines rocking guitars and drums with electronic beats like in the fun, catchy track “Get Loud” which  is greatly reminiscent of the Grammy and Dove award winning artist tobyMac. “Get loud, yeah, shout out, scream it! My Jesus is not a secret!” This song is really impossible not to sing along to!


Other notable tracks include “Change” and “The Runner.”


Currently you can get Tyler Melashenko by Tyler Melashenko for free at The digital world has greatly changed how we share and purchase music. Melashenko has seen a great response from putting his music online for free—it’s a great way to build a fanbase. Go download it today!


Words by: Sarah Brehm
Photos and video by: Sarah Brehm




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"It's Izuzu" live at The Warehouse, June 11, 2011