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Youtube isn't the Place for...

posted Sep 22, 2011, 9:34 AM by Sarah Brehm   [ updated Sep 22, 2011, 9:36 AM ]

… a theological debate. It seems like every time I get on Youtube to watch a music video by a Christian band or artist, the comments section is filled with users arguing about Christianity. There are variations of the type of debate. The most common is the argument over the existence of God. These arguments I just glance over because anyone who posts things like “God doesn’t exist” on a Christian band’s music videos is only trying to get a rise out of someone who will respond to him/her. Don’t give this person the satisfaction of a response.


But then there is one type of debate that makes me want to throw things and gets my blood boiling. You know the argument well—the one where Christians claim Christian rock is evil and displeasing to God!


I was watching some Stryper music videos the other day and a video titled “Stryper Preaches the Gospel” popped up on the related videos. So I clicked on it; it was a video of Stryper from 1986 simply explaining what they do—that the felt called to write metal songs with Christian themes. Then I scrolled to the comments and realized the person who uploaded this video only wanted to attack anyone who commented positively on it, saying that rock music is evil. He wasn’t listening to logic be other users and basically challenged anyone to use Scripture to defend rock music. Unfortunately I decided to click on his Youtube account to see what else he uploaded. He had numerous videos about how popular Christian bands were doing satan’s work.


By this point I was viciously angry, and I should have stopped watching videos. But then I saw more videos on the related side bar about how evil Christian rock is, and for some reason I clicked on these as well. The usually arguments: Christian rock is mimicking the world; we’re supposed to be separate. Christian artists perform in night clubs on Saturday night, and then sing in Church on Sunday; gasp!


Unfortunately nothing beneficial could come out of me responding to any of these videos. It would only further anger me, and give a platform for the user to try to prove to me that I’m wrong.


I think a lot of people will be shocked when they get to Heaven and see a rock arena.