Mission Statement:

Forte Chattanooga’s mission is to be the voice of local and national bands and artists who profess God is God and strive to be an example of love.




Why are non-Christian bands mentioned in concert reviews?

Most Christian bands play alongside non-Christian bands nowadays. I find nothing wrong with this, and will mention any band that plays a show Forte Chattanooga is attending (unless the band is just really offensive). However, it should be obvious in the review which bands are Christian and which are not. All band profile articles are on Christian bands.


Should I let my kid see a Christian band when non-Christian bands are playing the same show?

On a single night, you may here amazing testimony from one band, and expletive fly from another. It is up to you to research the bands that are playing and determine if you want your kid exposed to all bands. In my experience, hearing testimony and great, positive music, far outweighs any potential negatives from a non-Christian band. If you still have concern, go to the show with your kid. It’s always fun to see parents at shows (though your kids may think otherwise!).


It all started with a Beanbag CD. My dad had randomly bought Free Singal by Beanbag, and I saw it sitting on the kitchen counter. I shoved it in my CD player and was greeted with the lead singer screaming, “Jesus will never let you go!” followed by a wailing guitar. This was like nothing I’d ever heard—Christianity and rock music, mixed together—and I loved it.


I absorbed any Christian rock I could find—The Benjamin Gate, TobyMac, POD, Switchfoot, among others. But there was one band I especially liked—Skillet. One listen to their newest single, “Alien Youth” was all it took to become a panhead.


My dad and I found out that Beanbag was coming to Chattanooga, to a little place called Club Fathom (then in East Ridge). As soon as I stepped in Club Fathom, with music posters covering the walls, vibrantly tie-dyed sheets lining the ceiling, and a fun, positive atmosphere, I knew I belonged.

For my fourteenth birthday I traveled to Atlanta to see Skillet, Pillar, and Justifide. I absolutely loved it. Skillet’s music enthralled me, and since they always seemed to on tour, I had no trouble fueling my new addiction.


About a year later, Club Fathom moved to downtown Chattanooga. My dad and I ran sound there for three years. During those years, I hung out with bands, cooked dinner for Skillet, worked on physics homework during Kutless’s sound check, pushed faders, listened to drum tracks from Pillar before I knew they were in the studio, watched an amp explode, and loved every minute of it. The above picture is of me and the boys of The Benjamin Gate on the opening night of Club Fathom downtown.

As my passion shifted from music to writing, I never expected the two to meet, but God kept nudging me in this direction. I realized I’m happiest at concerts.


Thus, Forte Chattanooga was created, first as a Facebook page in January 2011. This site went live on April 3, 2011. It is my passion, and I couldn’t be happier.


                                                -Sarah Brehm, Editor